Get rid of your old and scrappy car by selling it to car wreckers

You can get a deal on your old vehicle, if you decide to sell it. Bring it to us at Auto Wreckers Melbourne and we assure you that we will pay you more than what others may offer you.

We are talking about not just Melbourne, but the entire suburbs as well. Most of them cannot offer you, what we can. Thus if you have chosen us, you are in good hands. ‘Auto Wreckers Melbourne’ is one heck of ‘cash for unwanted cars’ zone, where you can sell your car at a good price. We have a bunch of car experts who can analyze and determine the condition of your scrap car and then pay you in real cash.The concept of selling old cars for cash is a great way to earn money. We take Trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars, jeeps, vans, 4WDs, Ute’s and many other well known brands. If you like, you could get cash for unwanted cars.  It is quite efficient and has the necessary experience to get the job done. Your vehicle should be able to fit into our tow trucks. Some vehicles might be of different shape or size that bars it from towing. But most cars are towable, due to our high quality towing vehicles and tools.

Cash for Unwanted Cars

We Have Towing Trucks and Equipments

We have the best towing trucks and equipment that which can help us tow your car quite easily. Once you call us, we tow your vehicle within a couple of hours or at a max of 2 business days. This way you will save more time and also be able to pick up your vehicle for free. There are no hidden charges. If you are looking to make easy money, this is the place to be at. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us including car assessment of the condition of your car, on spot payment in cash, accepting any kind of damaged cars, professionalism and have years of experience to handle any situation. All vehicles sell here at Cash for Unwanted Cars Wreckers Melbourne.

We Tow Any Branded Cars in Any Condition.

Apart from all this, we also provide our towing trucks to tow out your vehicle, free of charge. Customers are our first priority and thus we concentrate more on choosing the right person for making an assessment of the car in the first stage and then making payments based on the assessment. We not only guarantee you with the best prices in town, but also the suburbs of Melbourne. If you compare cash for unwanted cars company to various other agencies, we will provide you with the best rates for car wreckers in Melbourne all regions to receive online quotes.

We tow any branded cars in any condition including Toyota and Nissan to name just a few. We are a fully licensed and registered company who has years of experience to conduct removal of various cars into car wreckers. The damaged cars are mostly recycled and the spare parts in good condition are sold at cheaper and discounted prices. In this whole process of car removals Melbourne, both sides benefits mutually. Thus most car owners should consider getting rid of their old lemon and getting a new one.